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Who We Are

Travelshoppe Limited was incorporated in Kenya in 1994 as a fully-fledged IATA company. The agency’s directors and staff have a wealth of experience in travel and tours. This gives them the ability to call upon in-depth and often personal knowledge of a wide range of tour destinations, great hotels and resorts worldwide. This gives them the ability to offer you the perfect holiday package.read more
What Clients Say
  • Thank you for your email. My wife and I had a wonderful time at Ashnil. The service at Ashnil was impeccable and Joseph gave our game drives a memorable touch, always tracking animals ahead of the other teams. The dinner on the last night is still fresh in our minds, crowned with a surprise farewell cake. We enjoyed the trip to the masai village and we had an amazing insight into their culture. Oooh and yes Joseph made sure we tracked most of the animals.  That is from the hyenas, Foxes, to lions,hippos,Thompson gazelles,topis,impala,buffaloes,warthog, leopards and cheetahs. The staff at Ashnil were so warm and friendly our mealtimes were always so much fun. In short, we couldn’t have had a better honeymoon. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Denis and Esther Places Visited: Ashnil, Mara – February 2014
    Denis and Esther
  • Wow…   Wow… Wow…  What a wonderful, fantastic experience we had!!!   Every day there was a surprise after surprise which made us feel so much at home and never felt like leaving Ngerende. What an unbelievable world class experience for my family as “seeing is indeed believing”!!!   We wish to extend our gratitude to you all and most especially to our travel agent: Travelshoppe spearheaded by Palvi and Seema as well as my nephew: Mikul who suggested the venue.   Without them, this visit would not have been possible.   Thanks to them all. As soon as we landed into at the air strip by Air Kenya, Stephen Nabela, the guide welcomed us with a great smile and was very happy together with Sophia Kesui the security.   What an outstanding welcome to the lodge!!   We then went through the park for a couple of hours and upon reaching the lodge, we were welcomed by Daniel Ndegwa: Barman, Irish Libokoyi: Butler, James Kamau: Chef and the entire team with excellent hot towels which were refreshing. Upon entering our rooms, on the bed it was written “feel at home” yet we were already at home ha… ha… ha…!!  Asanteni Sana for the excellent services. Mayur Shah and family Places Visited: Ngerende Logde, Mara – Januray 2014
    Mayur Shah and family
  • Yes we are back safe and soundJ We really had a blast in all those cities and thanks to you for the planning. We definitely needed more time to stay there so next time we know at least 1 month! So we might need to rob a bank hahaha as America is super expensiveL Thanks again for all the plans it was a blast! Regards, Alice – October 2013
  • Thank you for the email. We had a fantastic time in Chui Lodge. Everything went smoothly and we were very happy with the accommodation. I had meant to email you and let you know how great our trip was. I will turn to you for my next vacation. Thank you, Thomas Kerrihard Places Visited: Chui Lodge, Naivasha – September 2012
    Thomas Kerrihard
  • A brief note of thanks, your arrangements for the vehicles and the visit to the national park were perfect. I really enjoyed the experience, Alex is a great driver and very informed, and the next time around I would certainly like to engage his services once again. I really appreciate your assistance. It was instrumental in contributing towards a most memorable break. Best regards, Sudhir Sood – India Places Visited: Nairobi City tour and Nairobi National Park – September 2012
    Sudhir Sood
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for organising a fantastic holiday for myself and my friends whilst in Kenya. Your organisation and attention to detail ensured that every part of our holiday flowed seamlessly. The standard of the safari jeeps was excellent and our guides ensured that our safari experience was truly memorable. Thank you also for your recommendation of the Entumoto camp, it truly was out of this world. The staff looked after us so well, the food was excellent, the standard of the accommodation was luxurious and the scenery and setting was simply stunning. I cannot recommend highly enough the early morning hot air balloon safari, it is a must for anyone visiting the Masai Mara. The champagne breakfast alone is an experience, the food produced by the chef’s in the middle of a national reserve is astounding (better than many restaurants!) Lastly, the Mombasa leg of our holiday at the Hotel Baobab Beach was the perfect way to relax after our safari adventures. Thank you again for organising a fantastic trip and ensuring that our Kenya experience will never be forgotten. Kind regards, Louise Stone – Brighton, UK Places Visited: Masai Mara and South Coast – Mombasa – August 2012
    Louise Stone
  • Our whole Kenya trip was amazing! Everything was flawless. The safari was the best part of the holiday and the camp was so much more that I ever thought it would be, the view, tents and the food were amazing. The hotel in Mombasa was great and would I recommend it TO anyone both couples and families, great rooms, great food and never felt it was overcrowded at any point. I have real holiday blues and would easily go back and do it all again! Kind Regards; Louisa Spadling – Lancing UK Places Visited: Masai Mara and South Coast – Mombasa – August 2012
    Louisa Spadling
  • We recently used the services of Travelshoppe on a trip to Kenya, where we spent time in Nairobi, Naivasha, Masai Mara and Mombasa. The trip needed to provide accommodation suitable for a group of friends but also for my 12 year old son. Travelshoppe fulfilled this remit perfectly. The hotels and lodges we stayed in were well chosen, the travelling between the hotels well organised and the overall service exceptional. Using Travelshoppe meant a smooth, relaxed, luxurious holiday, where every worry was taken care of – just what I needed. Thanks, and best wishes; Jemima Mary Fox and friends – Devon UK   Places Visited: Masai Mara and South Coast – Mombasa – August 2012
    Jemima Mary Fox and friends
  • Travelshoppe organised a wonderful vacation in Kenya for us this summer. It was an extremely well planned trip, covering, Nairobi, Aberdare, Mount Kenya, Nakuru Masai Maara and Mombasa. It was a 12 day trip, very comfortably planned. All the arrangements, from travel, to stay, to food were taken care of. All pick ups from different destinations were arranged for. All the hotels/ camps booked for our stay, were comfortable, perfectly suited our needs and not to miss the extremely friendly people. Covering 5 destinations, in a span of 12 days can be quite a hectic affair, however, our trip was well timed, without us having to run around from one place to the next. And Kenya was a wonderfully different experience. It was our first time on an international wildlife trip and I must say, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Masai Mara is one of the best places for wildlife lovers. And Afro Chic, at Mombasa, had the best food ever! Would love to plan another trip in the future with travelshoppe. Thank you so much for such a great experience! Best Wishes: Sarat Nanda and Family – Delhi, India   Places Visited: Nairobi, Aberdares, Nakuru, Masai Mara and South Coast – Mombasa – June 2012
    Sarat Nanda and Family
  • Sorry for my late answer – the workload has not allowed me to revert earlier… The overall trip to Amboseli, Pinewood and Masai Mara went very well. I would like to thank you for your great effort and energy put in organizing this wonderful trip and the family really appreciated it. Amboseli was great with lots of elephants and other games. Hotel had a very good service and food and rooms are nicely decorated in Masai style. Just a pity that the Bush Diner at Amboseli Serena Lodge did not happen. The Guide driver was very good and took the time to also share his knowledge on wild animals and landscape/masai culture. Masai Mara was of course a great experience with the migration and beautiful landscape although we missed by few days the river crossing but saw quite a few (a lot) of dead gnous and zebra being eating by crocs and vultures. Also I appreciated you sorted the Hippo Pool breakfast at Mara Lodge that was part of initial package agreed. It was a really awesome experience having the breakfast by the river where the migration cross and got hunted by crocs and hippos ! Just a note on the guide driver who was nice and funny but did not share much of his knowledge as a guide and kept very quiet most of the time while we except a guide to share some insight on animal/safari/culture.   Special thanks for having considered the Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa in Diani which is really a nice place that I would recommend. It is exactly what we were looking for in a smaller scale than other Club Resorts but still big enough to offer all necessary services and activities. The private chef at the Suite is really good experience and the food is great. Nice private beach and swimming pool area with very few and quite respectful beach boys.
  • We are back home safely, thanks. Trust me it is one of the best time I spent in my life. The experience in Masai Mara was wonderful ,I will never forget that . You have done a very good job by arranging my trip to Kenya. Everything was fantastic . I recommended to my other colleague to travel in Kenya through you only. Once again thanks a lot.   Tuesday, August 28, 2012
  • Firstly, we would like to thank you again for organizing an absolutely fantastic holiday in Kenya. It was indeed a memorable visit to Kenya which we will treasure for many years to come. The diversity in the itinerary and experiences and special moments that we had counting especially Mountaineering (which was a first time for us) and Safari in two very different safari parks was tip top! Our guides respectively Cyrus and his impressive team and John were all very engaged and committed to make a perfect vacation for us. They were attentive to our wishes and needs and we felt safe and secure all through the holiday. All in all we were very impressed with the good organization of the holiday, the timeliness of all events and not least the personalized treatment we received from all involved. We will certainly make sure to mention Travelshoppe and the excellent organization by yourself to our friends and family. Thank you again for giving us such a memorable experience in your beautiful country,   With all our best wishes, Torben, Hanna, Sebastian and Emma Hanna Esmee Duer Associate Sunday, April 15, 2012
    Torben, Hanna, Sebastian and Emma Hanna Esmee Duer
  • Firstly, we would like to thank you again for organizing an absolutely fantastic holiday in Kenya. It was indeed a memorable visit to Kenya which we will treasure for many years to come. The diversity in the itinerary and experiences and special moments that we had counting especially Mountaineering (which was a first time for us) and Safari in two very different safari parks was tip top! Our guides respectively Cyrus and his impressive team and John were all very engaged and committed to make a perfect vacation for us. They were attentive to our wishes and needs and we felt safe and secure all through the holiday. It was a pleasure meeting you at the lovely Mayfair Hotel in Nairobi and Emma, Sebastian and I have used the lovely bracelets ever since. Thank you again for these nice gifts! All in all we were very impressed with the good organization of the holiday, the timeliness of all events and not least the personalized treatment we received from all involved. We will certainly make sure to mention Travelshoppe and the excellent organization by yourself to our friends and family. Thank you again for giving us such a memorable experience in your beautiful country, With all our best wishes, Torben, Hanna, Sebastian and Emma Place Visited: Mt. Kenya, Sarova Lionhill, Sarova Mara – April 2012
    Torben, Hanna, Sebastian and Emma
  • Travelshoppe organised a thirty-five person three day conference for us, bringing in guests from the US and across Africa. They booked everything from plane tickets to hotels and transfers, as well as advising on hotels – and came in under budget. Not a single thing went wrong in the entire process. I could not recommend them more highly. Regards, Miles Bredin Place Visited: Diani – February 2012
    Miles Bredin
  • I would really like to thank you for organising the safari for me. It was absolutely fantastic. The lodge was one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. The staff there were incredibly friendly and helpful, the food and accommodation was top quality, and I couldn’t have asked for more from the guide. I was really impressed with the entire set up, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience from start to finish. So thank you very much for organising all this for me. It made my visit to Kenya a special one, and has encouraged me to visit again. I would not hesitate to recommend you and Travelshoppe company to anyone I know who is intending to visit East Africa. Once again thanks, and please pass on my thanks to Charles as well. I hope to catch up with you properly when I next come down to visit. Regards, Jim Bourke (Australian visitor) Place Visited: Masai Mara – August 2011
    Jim Bourke
  • Just to let you know we’re having a wonderful time in Italy with Giorgio. We’ve had an amazing 4 days right from the first day. We’ve seen so much of Rome the “Giorgio way” with Giorgio riding his moped ahead of us & Kinuthia driving his little fiat! Early this morning we set off for Naples & Capri & teamed up with Shirley & Lucy who are travel agents from the US whom Giorgio was taking to Capri for a day tour & who apparently know you & sent their greetings to you! Giorgio helped us with all the other bookings & we’ve got all our train tickets & accommodation done for Florence, Pisa, Milan & Venice staying 2 nights in each city. We stay for one more day in Rome & leave on Saturday morning & we’ll also spend our final 2 nights back at Giorgio’s – he’s been an amazing host & has so much energy – can’t believe he’s 78! Your idea was the best ever. Thank you so much! Hope you are all fine & love to your family. Best regards, Rose. Place Visited: Italy – July
  • This is a brief note on behalf of my sister Dr. Riffat M. Zaman and myself to thank you for your assistance to Mehmood sahib, my travel agent in Karachi, in making our recent trip to Tanzania and Kenya enjoyable and memorable. We also appreciate your personal involvement in ensuring that everything went smoothly while we were in East Africa. Moving to more pleasant matters, we were really pleased at the excellent driver/guides that were provided for us. We would appreciate it if you could share with them, and relevant parties, the following comments – (Tanzania): He is a delightful guide who “connects” with the animals, and also has a great deal of knowledge about African birds in addition to the animals we saw. I love birds so this was a special bonus for us. Hadji is trustworthy, polite, a good driver, and exceptionally helpful. He is bright and curious, and also a good conversationalist. We learned a great deal from him not only about the nature around us but also about the people of Tanzania. Hadji took special pains to make sure we saw all that was humanly possible during one week in Tanzania. We would recommend him highly to you for future visitors to that country. (Kenya): The guide was an excellent, confident driver and we were glad to have him at the wheel as part of the road from Nakuru to the Mara was in pretty poor condition. He is also a good guide, knowledgeable about the animals and their habitat. We particularly appreciated the books on birds which he carries with him in the car which helped us to identify many uncommon birds we came across. During our stay in Mara, Our guide managed to locate for us the “big five” including an extraordinary encounter with a leopard. Trustworthy and always on time – we would recommend your guide highly to anyone who wishes to visit Kenya. Dr. Moazam Places visited: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Nakuru, Masai Mara and Naivasha – July
    Dr. Moazam
  • We are sitting in the Ole Sereni hotel before leaving for the aiport and were just saying what a fantastic job Travelshoppe have done for us. Really, we have been blown away by your attention to detail and how you have consistently got things just right acorss our whole Kenya experience. Sammy, our driver, was perfect and we enjoyed his company and appreciated his skills throughout. The choice of accommodation and restaurants was likewise perfectly chosen and it all combined to provide an unforgettable week. Thank you so much for your patience and sensitivity throughout all our planning. We will be sure to provide a good report on the Trip Advisor website and be assurred that when we come back we will use the services of Travelshoppe again…! Our best regards to you Paul and Alison Matts Places visited: Naivasha, Bogoria, Baringo, Nakuru and Masai Mara – July 2011
    Paul and Alison Matts
  • We will take off in 3 hours from Nairobi to Paris. We have had a great week here in Kenya. Our journey in Masai Mara was incredible. We loved it. Everywhere people were very friendly, the food was very good,( we have gained weight for sure), and the animals were beautiful as wild as we could possibly imagine. Even our last day in Nairobi with Joseph was great. Many thanks (assanti sana) for your help and patience. We will recommend KQ and travelshoppe to our french friend. See you, may be, next time. Karine & Yannick July 2011
    Karine & Yannick
  • we arrived home safely and are missing Kenya and Masai Mara already. Thank you for all your help and for the great opportunity to visit one of the world’s best. WE had a great time and want to come back – this time we should meet up with you as well. Kind regards, Ravi Singh Places visited: Nairobi, Nakuru & Masai Mara Travel in May
    Ravi Singh
  • Many thanks for your recommendation for us to do our brief holiday at Sweetwaters Tented Camp. Thank you to you and Seema for the prompt arrangements at such short notice! The experience from my family was simply awesome….excellent customer service, personalized, visible leadership….in short, true value for money! To cap it all, we even saw lions from our tent!…. a little scary but exciting at the same time! I would recommend Sweetwaters to any person who seeks to be at home away from home! Similarly, I will not be going anywhere else for holiday packages! Travelshoppe it is! With best regards, Paul Places visited: Sweetwaters Travel in Jan
  • Testimonials from clients who went for ICC World Cup – India Very happy with all the arrangements and has said to say thanks to Tamarind especially to Gautam. Kartik The trip was great and everything went very well (except the incident with KQ on the flight out of Nairobi!). We were all looked after very well by everybody. Kind Regards, Mike A great trip and all went smoothly except the aircraft returning on the outward leg. Nice hotel Thanks for asking Regards, Derek Steel Thank you for your greetings! It was wonderful experience & the hotel arrangements where excellent. We had a very good time in ICC Finals in Mumbai. Regards, Parag Patel It was great and life time experience which can’t be forget forever. Arrangement was great and had great fun. Regards, Rakesh Rao It was perfect! Thanks Jameel Samji I am just back today and it was a fantastic trip. Everything was very well organised and we had great fun. Thank you for all your effort for making this trip a memorable one apart from India winning the World Cup! Regards, Jeeten Rajani Everything in India was fine and up-to-date. Your agent in India was very punctual for picking us from hotel. I or most probably all of us who were in our team, were not happy with KQ service. Regards, Mukesh Bhudia We have just returned from Mumbai this morning and had a truly wonderful trip. I would like to extend my, and Sky’s, personal thanks for all the work that you and your Team put in to make this trip such a success. The travel, accommodation and ground handling details all went extremely smoothly. Also a special thank you for being able to organize for Sky’s “package” so late in the day !! With Kind Regards, Douglas Pinto It was an excellent event very well organized from start to finish. Regards, Basil Serrao All arrangements were excellent. We had good trip especially when India clinched World Cup. Kind Regards, Anil Gupta The trip was excellent and everything went by very smoothly. All arrangements made by yourselves were very good. Thank you. Ofcourse you must have heard of the mishap with the Kenya Airways flight on our way to Mumbai. Regards, Poonam Shah Thank you for your mail. All the arrangements were in order i just came back yesterday. really really had a great time with the group at the cricket world cup. Thanks Regards, Yatin Shah.
    Testimonials from clients who went for ICC World Cup – India
  • I had a lovely holiday at Mara Intrepids. Thank you very much for making the arrangements, all the details were worked out well and things were in place. On my way back Joseph was there on time at the airport and was very amicable in taking me around the town. I will definitely recommend your company to any of my acquaintances who wish to take a holiday out of Nairobi/Kenya. Meanwhile if there is anything I can do at Dubai, please do let me know. Sincerely Parinjay Gupta Places visited: Masai Mara – June 2010
    Parinjay Gupta
  • Kenya is a lovely country – it’s a different experience for an Asian like me. I had a lovely time. I had a really awesome time! And Joseph and I were very, very fortunate all through out the Nakuru trip! We saw lions! Joseph also made me do a boat ride at the Lake Naivasha to see hippos and birds (including the fish eating eagle) – it was one of the most interesting experience I’ve had! Also, the trip to the giraffe center and sheldrick animal shelter was fun! I get to see Sities – the baby elephant that Travelshoppe adopted. She’s the smallest of the bunch and a real charmer! It was really great – I’m glad I booked with you guys. Joseph is very knowledgeable with the animals and their behavior so I was able to learn at the same time. He answered my questions patiently – e.g. how giraffes sleep, etc., hehe… He sure knows where to go! I would definitely be referring you to my friends. I actually already gave your name and number to one of the people I’ve met in my meetings in Nairobi. She’s a frequent traveler to Africa and is a good friend of Mukami (the one who referred Travelshoppe to me). Thanks a lot for your patience and guidance. All the best to you and the Travelshoppe. Tell Joseph hello – he has been a great companion and guide throughout the trip. Cheers, Hope Places visited: Nakuru – June 2010
  • I wish to thank you for the excellent arrangements during our stay in Kenya, all of us three were most pleased with everything. Nicholas is an eminent guide and driver, he knows the places where to find the animals, and he is a careful driver (appreciated by us in the horrible Nairobi traffic!). If you would like to have an estimate about the hotels and stay in Nakuru Lion Hill and Mara Serena, I will try to figure some impressions. Nakuru had a most friendly, genuinely friendly staff in the hotel, you felt welcome from the moment you stepped out from the car. Sometimes we had communication problems, but nothing was ever serious. All the meals were almost five star, well prepared, fresh and nice. The rooms were comfortable, and very silent for good night sleeps. The range of animals was fine, unfortunately also the moscitos :-) Mara Serena had rooms of higher class, up to perfection, also very clean. Food was very good, overall very beautiful and nice. It will be a pleasure for me to recommend Travelshoppe for friends who intend to come to Kenya. Best regards, also to Nick, Millions of thanks for all your help. The safari, all transfers and the drivers were all very professionally organized. Next time we come to Kenya we will for sure contact you again. Kindest personal regards, Elizabeth, Johan and Julius Rehn Places visited: Nakuru and Masai Mara
    Elizabeth, Johan and Julius Rehn
  • Thanks a lot for an excellently organized trip. All the pick-ups were on time in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam and the Hotel New Africa was good. Appreciate your help. Regards Esther Place visited: Dar Es Salaam – March 2009
  • How are you? We really enjoyed our trip to Wild life. We were overwhelmed with joy. All the hotels were great and the safari guides were helpful and knowelegeble. All arrangements done by you were perfect and all happened on time. We thank you for your hard work for a successful tour. We would recommend you to our friends Deepak Doshi & Family. Places visited: Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Masai Mara
    Deepak Doshi & Family
  • I shall start with a big THANK YOU for all the help and time spend with us…for all the wishes to become true. Travelshoppe is a reliable travel agency and always ready to help out! It’s good to have someone who give’s you advices, suggestions and put together the best package that suits all the tastes. With her help we were able to spend quality time in Mombasa- north coast at Serena and south coast at Leopard Beach, in Amboseli at Serena and Ol Tukai and Masai Mara at Mara Serena. I shall mention also that we have used Travelshoppe for almost 4 years and I have no complains about them! Thank You and always I will recommend Travelshoppe! Wish you all the best, Cristina,Razvan and Miruna
    Cristina,Razvan and Miruna
  • We’ve always had amazing experiences when we book our holidays through Travelshoppe. From Kigio-Naivasha,Tortillis camp- Amboseli to Karen Blixen Camp-Maasai Mara we travelled like VIP’s just for booking through Travelshoppe. Their fast correspondence, competitive prices and friendly staff are the of Travelshoppe. We have also had fantastic services when booking our overseas flights. Priti Shah & Kirtan Shah Kenafric Industries
    Priti Shah & Kirtan Shah
  • We take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the excellent services you have provided us in the past years. All our bookings both hotels and flights were very well handled. You have always advised us on available offers and best routes possible. We cannot forget the upgrades and great discounts. You have been very professional in your services as well as prompt. Please keep up the good work and rest assured of our support as always. We look forward to even more cordial relations in the years to come. Thanking you with very best regards. Mayur Shah Kenafric Industries
    Mayur Shah
  • We’d like to say Thank you for organizing our holiday, As usual we had a fantastic trip. Both the lodges were lovely and our trip was great. Thanks again. Regards; Mustafa, Jabeen, Aaliyah and Imran. Thanks Places visited: Nakuru (Sarova Lionhill and Mbweha Camp) – December 2009
    Mustafa, Jabeen, Aaliyah and Imran
  • Wanted to thank you for arranging our Kenya-Tanzania trip in october. It was one of the best managed trips that we have been to. You took care of all the minor details so perfectly that our trip was flawless. When I started planning the trip in early 2009, I was a bit skeptical of working with someone who was on another continent and thus having no face to face contact. But you were so prompt in your responses by email and phone that I would not hesitate to work with you again when we plan our South Africa trip. In fact, we have reccomended you to some of our friends already. Our driver, Willie was just great. All the lodges that we stayed at were excellant as well. I guess, where you are, you do not have to worry about winter. But, we have had our 1st snow fall already !!! sincerely, Neelima Sheth Places visited : Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara – October 2009
    Neelima Sheth
  • Just a small note to thank you very much for the good services provided by Travelshoppe. We had a great time enjoying our safari and thus, mainly thanks to your arrangements. Indeed, our drivers Antony n Stanley were always precisely on time and their vehicles excellent and always performing in all conditions. Palvi was very efficient and always available for us. We did not have a single problem or inconvenient in terms of hotels reservations, Lodge bookings and even Golf tee-off bookings. Furthermore, Royal Mara Tented Camp, was simply.. ROYAL; excellent service, excellent accommodation and excellent menus We will certainly be in touch with you for our next holidays Thank you once again and have a good day
  • Rajat joins me in thanking you for having organised such a wonderful & memorable trip for all of us to Masai Mara . Keep well,Best,
    Sujata & Rajat
  • We were very satisfied for your services with air tickets, transports and hotel accommodation. Thank you once again! Best regards Leena Visited: Nairobi
  • Jus to say a really BIG thank you to you and all at Travelshoppe for making our trip to Kenya so memorable!. We all had a great time, and also enjoyed meeting two of you. Besides Serian, Samburu was really nice! Also, Nikheel had a great six week “internship” with Alex Walker at Serian. Rekha and I feel that he has learnt so much from the experience both about life and about himself. We are really grateful to you for finding this opportunity for him. As he said himself, HE WILL BE BACK, next year. We appreciated the speed and efficiency with which the travel delay from Samburu to Malindi was resolved as was the move from Scorpio to Driftwood. I intend to write a “piece” about the “Fawlty Towers of Kenya” on my blog in the next week or two! Regards,Jay Visited: Amboseli, Samburu, Masai Mara and Malindi
  • We recently got back from our wonderful trip. What a great experience! We wanted to thank you very much because from the begining of this project we felt that we were in the best hands. And we were right. Everything was great, and we have the best memories of people and places that will always stay with each one of us. Very kind regards, Carolina. Places visited: Nairobi, Masai Mara, Mt. Meru Game Lodge, Suyan Camp, Gibbs,
  • Dear, I am writing firstly to send you my best wishes for health and happiness for 2009. Then to tell you how we were met by our trip to Kenya. We loved the atmosphere of the country and all the places we visited. The organization was perfect and everything went beautifully. We especially enjoyed the stay at the lodge "Royal Mara" beautiful amazing place to recommend. That these words to thank you sincerely and warmly for all the work you have done with your team. Best regards. Family Hufschmid A next time, I hope.
    Family Hufschmid
  • Our best wishes for the year 2009. Good Health and Happiness! We wanted also to tell you how delighted we were by our safari in Kenya. We loved the atmosphere of the country, and all the places we have visited. The organization of our holidays was perfect and everything went smoothly. We particularly loved our stay at ROYAL MARA which is an extraordinary place to be recommended! Magnificent. So, just few words to thank you warmly and sincerely for the great services provided by you and your team.Until our next holidays, I hope!
    Hufschmid Family
  • As expected the note confirming our arrival, in good shape and with luggage in Madrid. No setback or incident!! Brief happiness. Thanks again for this trip has allowed us, for a first approach of Black Africa, to regale us and spend a wonderful vacation with a little taste of "back- y ".... Send thanks to Willy, who was an attentive and perfect throughout the 10 days guide.
    Brigitte Toil for family
  • We are back home now, thanks to all of you for putting together a wonderful memorable trip for us. It was very well organized and we had no trouble at all. Thanks, Karen Patel Places visited: Masai Mara, Nanyuki, Magadi, Tanzania, South Africa and Victoria Falls
    Karen Patel
  • We reached home safe and sound and very jet lagged. I don't know how to thank you and Travel shoppe for our amazing trip. From start to finish it was just incredible. You guys really went out of your way to ensure that this was a trip of a lifetime ! The boys, my husband and I had the most wonderful time. Vacations with adult children can be challenging, but this was perfect. Thanks again. Places visited: Nairobi, Mt Kenya, Naivasha, Masai Mara.
    Milan Bikhchandani

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