Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

–     In the Kenya North Coast between Kilifi and Malindi approx. 110km from Mombasa

–     40m to 150m

–     420 km² – ok

–     Kenya Wildlife Service Prepaid Tickets or Cash

–     Lots of options in Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi

–     By Road approx. 1 from Mombasa and minutes’ drive from Malindi Airport

–     Bird and Game viewing, Butterfly watching, Camping, Cycling, Walking

Inside Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is also Arabuko-Sokoke National Reserve; the forest reserve is the largest stretch of coastal dry forest remaining in Eastern Africa. It is second in Africa in bird life conservation from Congo. The ecosystem comprises of three forest types, Mixed Forest, Brachystegia Woodland and Cynometra, each containing different rare species of birds, mammals, butterflies and plants. In this reserve you will see birds, butterflies, amphibians, mammals and different plants species. The Clarke’s Weaver is completely endemic to the forest, while the Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, East Coast Akalat, Amani Sunbird and Spotted Ground Thrush are only found in the park and a few in Tanzania. Three mammals which are endemic species: Aders Duiker, Sokoke Bush Tailed Mongoose, and Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew. The National Park was gazetted only in the late 1980s and in fact straddles the Forest Reserve boundary with about 50% lying outside the boundary. This outer section actually lies outside an electric elephant fence installed in 2006/7 and is now fully inhabited by local communities to the extent that there is no sign on the ground to show where the National Park begins or ends. The National Park doesn’t add any particular protection to the forest and is an area of high endemism, containing endemic mammals, birds and plants. The Reserve, however, is jointly managed by the Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, National Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Forest Research Institute and is one of the better protected forests in Kenya.

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