Location: Muthaiga / limuru road
Tel: +254 733 379 658
Working hours: Monday – Thursday: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Friday: 8.00 am – 12.00 am

Please note that opening hours differ for consular services. Kindly check the relevant pages on the consulate website.

Email: nairobi.visa@diplobel.fed.be
Website: http://kenya.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/travel-to-belgium/visa/kenya

Visa Form


Tourist visa:

  • a completed and signed application form, complying with the harmonised SCHENGEN visa application form. This form is available free of charge from consulates. You complete it in French, Dutch, German or, if you do not have a command of any of the national languages, ideally in English. You append a recent identity photograph meeting the standards in force.
  • Any person appearing in your travel document must complete a separate application form.
  • Minor children must submit an application form signed by a person with parental authority or by a legal guardian;
  • a travel document (e.g. a passport), valid for at least 3 months from the date on which you intend to leave the SCHENGEN territory, or, in the case of multiple journeys, the date on which you intend to leave it for the last time. This document must also contain at least 2 blank pages and have been issued less than 10 years ago;
  • the documents indicating the purpose of your journey (e.g. documents relating to the itinerary, in other words confirmation of the reservation of an organised trip or any other substantiating document indicating the travel programme envisaged, etc. If you are a minor travelling without your parents or without your legal guardian, parental authorisation or the authorisation of your guardian will be required);
  • the documents relating to accommodation (e.g. in the case of accommodation with a private individual, an invitation from the person hosting you, or in the case of a stay in a hotel, guesthouse, etc., a supporting document from the establishment offering accommodation or any other substantiating document indicating the type of accommodation envisaged, etc.);
  • the documents indicating that you have sufficient personal means of subsistence, both for the duration of your stay on the SCHENGEN territory and for the transit to a third country in which your admission is guaranteed or a commitment that charge will be taken (Annex 3 bis);
  • information making it possible to assess your intention to leave the territory of the SCHENGEN States before the expiry of the visa or, in other words, information indicating that you retain the centre of your interests in your country of origin or habitual residence (e.g. any proof that you have roots in your country of origin or habitual residence: attestation of employment, professional situation, receipt of regular income, ownership of real estate, family situation, etc.);
  • suitable, valid travel health insurance covering any costs of repatriation for medical reasons, emergency medical care and/or emergency hospital care or death during your stay/s on the SCHENGEN territory. This insurance must be valid for the whole of this territory and the whole of the stay. The minimum cover is 30,000 EUR. In principle, it is taken out in your own country. Ask the competent consulate about the insurance companies whose contracts are accepted;
  • If you are applying for a multiple-entry visa, you must in addition establish the need to travel frequently and/or regularly, inter alia because of your job or your family situation, and prove your integrity and reliability, inter alia by the legal use of visas issued previously, by your economic situation and by your desire to leave the territory of the SCHENGEN States before the expiry of the visa applied for;
  • When you receive confirmation of the issue of the visa, add the proof of the transport that you will use to reach Belgium (non-transferable return ticket in your name). This proof is not required when you lodge the visa application, to avoid unnecessary costs. On the other hand, proof of the reservation of a return ticket may be demanded.



  • Your application will not be admissible and will thus not be examined if you do not lodge a completed, signed application form, a valid travel document and a photograph, if you do not pay the visa fees and, in certain countries, if you do not agree to give the consulate your biometric data.
  • On the other hand, if you comply with these instructions, a stamp indicating that your application is admissible will be affixed to your travel document (unless that travel document is a diplomatic passport, a service passport and/or an official passport, or a special passport). This stamp has no legal effect.


Visa Fees:

  • Short stay visa: 6.900 KES
  • Long stay visa: 20.700 KES


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