Kenya golf is a celebrated sport. Although not as popular as track and other sporting events, in Kenya, golf mainly attracts the corporate executives who use these events for networking, keeping fit and strategizing for their companies in their polo golf t-shirts.

To facilitate this, the Kenya golf sector is well equipped. Kenya has at least 37 golf courses, 10 of which have 18 holes, 9 golf courses are dedicated to championships and 6 are located within a 20 mile radius of the capital city of Nairobi. Kenya’s golf sector has different golf courses for different functions.

The oldest Kenyan golf course is the Royal Nairobi Golf Club. The Royal Nairobi Golf Club is 7021 yards – par 72 – 18 holes large. The Windsor Golf and Country Club, which is 6751 yards – par 72 – 18 holes large is one of the new and progressive golf courses around. Since many of the Kenya golf courses were built in the colonial era, many of the old ones are being upgraded from 9 holes to 18.
Kenya golf safaris

As one of the most progressive safari destinations in Africa, Kenya golf attracts international and regional golf championships. We provide golf safaris for all those who want to attend these Kenya golf events at competitive rates. This is to ensure that your Kenyan golf safari or Kenya golf holiday, however you call it has all the features that will satisfy you.

Some of the more prominent Kenya golf safaris are the big five golf safaris which take place on golf and safari resorts in the country. The Kenya airways golf safari is also popular and so are the exotic golf safaris in some of Kenya’s exotic golf courses.

For the Kenya golf enthusiasts, we make it happen. And because Kenya has a golf friendly weather pattern, golf events run all year round. The other advantage of the Kenyan golf safaris is the fact that, when compared to other African safari destinations, you can actually enjoy Kenya’s lush wildlife, even on the golf course. This spectacle is second to none.

Check out some of our Kenya golf safari destinations and locations to book.

  • Nairobi
  • Countryside
  • The Coast
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