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Kenya is often been seen as the home of African tours or safaris-Swahili name for tour. In most cases, Kenyans associate safaris with the Europeans whom they fondly call the ‘mzungus’. For the ordinary Kenyan on the street however, safaris in Kenya have often been wrongly interpreted as a thing for foreigners, but this has been changing fast in the past decade.

Safaris in Kenya generally bring a big chunk of Kenya’s foreign income. In fact, tourism is Kenya’s second largest foreign exchange earner, grossing over 250 million dollars in revenue yearly. Most of this income comes from the Kenya adventure safaris and as such used to improve business welfare of stake holders like safari in Kenya operators while the rest is re-invested into the sector- world class five star hotels, resorts, sandy beaches, spectacular wildlife spots and good transport infrastructure, and so much more. As such, Kenya adventure safaris change the lives of the local people, business and the nation in a great way.
What safaris in Kenya Offer

For a first timer adventurer, planning for a safari in Kenya can be a complex mix of dazzle and pomp. In fact, Kenya adventure safaris are at best, meant for first time adventurers in the sense that, Kenya is quite straight forward and what you can experience aside from the spectacular wildlife and adventure scenery isn’t strange. Wildlife is one of the most valued feature for for safaris in Kenya.

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There are quite a number of game parks in with millions of wild animals. For Kenyan safari adventurers, seeing all the Big Five wild animals- lions, African elephants, buffaloes, leopards and the rhinoceros in one place duriing the Kenya safari has been described by most of our clients as breath taking. To add on this, Kenya also hosts the world’s most wondrous wildlife phenomenon-The Masai Mara, which is normally seen as the climax of the wildlife safari in Kenya.

The Mara is one of a kind, and home to the world’s seventh wonder-The Great Wildebeest Migration. The Masai Mara is a wide-open, rolling grassland that plays home to the deservedly, wildly amazing wildebeest migration. This is the wondrous, mass movement of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes (in their hundreds of thousands) from the Serengeti reserve in Tanzania to Masai Mara on the Kenyan side, around August, each year.

This great migrations has been certified a world wonder by the Guinness book of records and you can read more about it on our wildebeest safari in Kenya blog. For most safari goers, around August is the best time to schedule a safari in Kenya annually. The Masai Mara is the place to be when you want to do a great adventure safari in Kenya.

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What makes safaris in Kenya different?

Kenya is a largely cosmopolitan country. In fact, it’s fast becoming a force to reckon with in different fields such as technology, finance, education and transport infrastructure. The literacy levels in Kenya are also some of the highest in Africa. However, the unique features are the indigenous aspects of the Kenyan culture, history and nature that have continually remained untouched.

Kenya has one of the biggest and vibrant capital cities in Africa-Nairobi(city in the sun)-but right in the center of it, lies the spectacular Nairobi National Park which is expansive, green and tucked quietly in its horizon. This can give you that adventure edge, even when your idea of fun remains close to the capital’s central business district. This is a spectacle, no other safari destination in Africa has-and this is what the safaris in Kenya is made of- total uniqueness and adventure.

Besides, Kenya is the only place you will witness an indigenous Masai standing with one leg-live on a pole. You can avoid the museum mystery by simply booking a holiday with us. Kenyan people are also very friendly. In recent years, there has been evidence that this unmatched hospitality could have addictive effects, but its still great for travel.

Last, but not least important, Kenya enjoys relative peace. There are detailed security task forces like the tourism police department, specially constituted to take care of all visitors on safari in Kenya. This added to the fact that Kogelo-the authentic home to the first African American president Barack Obama, is located on the western side of Kenya makes it even greater to safari in Kenya, if for historical reasons.
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Kenya does not only cater for the wildlife enthusiasts on safari. It has some of the best pristine beaches, natural coral reefs, expansive equatorial forests, amazing snow-capped mountains, cool highlands and many other attractions. Of course on offer is the island city of Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu and so much more as far as coast safaris in Kenya are concerned, but these are just a few we showcase here. In a nutshell, Kenya offers endless opportunities for adventure travel, authentic discovery, calm relaxation and so much more. This, you can’t find elsewhere.
Guide to booking safaris in Kenya

We have a variety of adventure safaris in Kenya packages that will allow you to see all these and so much more, at competitive rates. We organize custom made Kenya safaris that allow you to get up close and candid with Africa’s best safari destination-Kenya. What’s more is that, our safaris in Kenya packages also factor in your family needs and are completely, whole family friendly.  And to travel internally, we organize them in 4×4 land-rovers, minibuses, or by foot if you desire-this is however, rare. We also give all our clients a whole new perspective of the Kenyan landscape with our balloon safaris or on our flying Kenya safari packages, depending on your budget.

In terms of our packages, we have both standard and custom safaris in Kenya packages. Therefore, all you need to do is contact us and tell us what you want. Our team of highly qualified safaris in Kenya planners will create a custom safari package that will fulfill all your needs at competitive rates.

We offer more Kenyan safari packages in our Kenya safari highlights section. You can check that one out and book.
Our safaris in Kenya components

For the standard packages, our adventure safaris in Kenya packages are arranged two-fold; you can either choose a wildlife safari in Kenya or simply choose to extend the wildlife safari with a city or beach extension-in Nairobi or Mombasa (other cities include Kisumu, Meru, Kakamega and Nakuru).

Whatever your choices are, contact us today and our experts will create a perfect safari in Kenya package for you. Alternatively, you can check out the links below for an array of Kenya safari locations, itineraries and booking links. You can also contact us with your needs and our esteemed representatives will create a custom safari in Kenya for you.

(Note that all our Safaris in Kenya Packages include hotel transfers, airport taxes, park entry fees, full board accommodation whilst on safari and game drives as per the itinerary stated)

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