Kogelo, Obama’s Ancestral Home

Nyang’oma Kogelo, also known as Kogelo, is a village in Siaya District, Nyanza Province, Kenya. It is located near the equator, 60 kilometers west-northwest of Kisumu, the provincial capital. The village is along Ng’iya and Ndori junctions. Ngiya is located along the Kisumu – Siaya road, Few kilometres south of Nyang’oma Kogelo, a bridge built in 1930 crosses the Yala River flowing to Lake Victoria, before the road reaches Ndori.

The population is approximately 3,648. It is a typical Kenyan rural village with most residents living modestly by small-scale farming. The village has a shopping centre with shops and a bar. It also has a primary school (Senator Obama Primary School) and a high school (Senator Obama Secondary School). The land for both schools was donated by Barack Obama, Sr., a native of the village and they were renamed after his son and then US senator Barack Obama in 2006. There is also a health centre.

Since 2006, the village received international attention, since it is the hometown of Barack Obama, Sr., the father of current United States President Barack Obama. Barack Obama, Sr. is buried in the village. Some of their family members, including his paternal grandmother Ms Sarah Obama, still live in the village. An Obama-themed museum is set to be built by the Kenyan government and opened in the village soon. A Nairobi-based cultural organization will build the Dero Kogelo Library and Cultural Centre in the village

All of Kogelo is thrilled with the success of President Barack Obama. They have even named a beer after him. The beer called Senator is now commonly called Obama.

Visits to Kisumu town and Lake Victoria can be combined with a tour to Kogelo village.

The Lake side city of Kisumu is home to a number of tourist attractions and this tours takes you to the primary sites in the city. These are short trips from Kisumu city to various touristic sites within Kisumu city council. These include the cultural centers like the Museum and the Kit Mikaye, The Leisure Boat trips from Yacht Club, Kiboko Bay Beach Resort or Dunga Beach to Ndere Island and around the Gulf. The Kisumu Municipal Market and the Bus Park, Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle rides around Kisumu city, not to mention the Visits to Impala Park which is home to the rare sitatunga antelope, Visiting the Hippo point is a must do, to see amazing sunsets and sometimes if you’re lucky there is a chance to see hippos out of the Lake.
Lake Victoria, the largest of all African Lakes, is also the second widest freshwater body in the world. Its extensive surface belongs to the three countries; Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It is the source of the White Nile. The lake shore is highly indented, and there are many isles in the lake, some of which, especially the Sesse Group, are known for their beautiful landscape, health resorts and sightseeing places. Abundant prehistoric remains found around the lake indicate the early development of agriculture. The dam constructed in 1954 at Owen Falls on the Victoria Nile supplies electricity and water for various uses in Uganda and Kenya.

Fast Facts:
Country: Kenya
Province: Nyanza
Language spoken: Swahili
Currency: Kenyan shilling
Country code: 254
Time zone: EAT (GMT+3)
Climate: Tropical savanna
Most residents live by farming
Residence of Obama’s ancestors

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