Take a walk on the wild side in this quintessential African landscape. Step out into the vast open plains of Tanzania and you suddenly feel very, very small. With so many parks and itineraries to choose from, safaris to Tanzania are often divided into regional circuits, or groups of game parks whose geographical proximity and topographical variations make up a varied and diverse group. Some of the circuits are of course more travelled than others.

Tanzania’s northern circuit alone easily attracts the majority of tourists. There are other equally stunning but less well-known locations which remain little-visited attractions whose beauty is known to only a few. The southern circuit contains the Selous Game Reserve – Africa’s largest game reserve. The northern circuit is the most famous, venturing off the familiar path inevitably rewards visitors with the phenomenal scenery and wildlife experiences.

Full Name: United Republic of Tanzania
Capital City: Dodoma (official); Dar Es Salaam (administrative)
Area: 945,090 sq km / 364,899 sq miles
Population: 35,922,000
Time Zone
GMT/UTC + 3 ()
Daylight Saving
Start: not in use
End: not in use
Swahili (official)
English (official)
40% Christian, 40% Muslim, 20% indigenous beliefs
Tanzanian Shilling (TSh)
Electricity: 230V 50HzHz
Country Dialing Code: 255

Weather Overview
If there’s a time to avoid coastal Tanzania, it’s during the long rainy season from March to May, which has a brief revival from November to January. The best time is between June and September when rainfall is sparse and temperatures orbit around a pleasantly balmy 28°C (83°F). Inland on the plateau, rain during the middle of the year is insignificant and temperatures sink slightly but comfortably.

Health & Safety
Recommended to take precautions for malaria and yellow fever. Consult your doctor prior to travel. Carry mosquito repellents.

Most places are tourist friendly, but it is advisable to keep your important documents and valuables safely.

Time & Place
Time Zone
GMT/UTC + 3 ()
Daylight Saving
Start: not in use
End: not in use

Weights Measures System

Crossing Borders

Visas Overview
All visitors from Europe, North America and Australasia require a visa. You will need proof of yellow fever vaccination only if arriving from a yellow-fever infected area (which includes Kenya).

Government Type
Government Leaders
Jakaya Kikwete
President (head of state)

People and Society
99% native African (over 100 tribes), 1% Asian, European and Arabic

40% Christian, 40% Muslim, 20% indigenous beliefs

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