Experience the Magical Islands of Seychelles

Where else in the world can you sit on a protected beach, witness the nesting of turtles, walk among tropical gardens and admire the breeding sites of rare endemic birds? Protect the natural wonders of the Seychelles, the beautiful but fragile ecosystems .. Be eco-friendly on holiday

Until 2000, Alphonse was just another of the many coral islands of the Indian Ocean with a copra plantation and not much more. Mariners avoided it because of the treacherous pass through the fringing reef and Canal des Mortes, Dead Man’s Channel, just outside that pass. Located southwest of Desroches and the Amirantes, it is now the base for two world-class fly fishing outfitters.

Accommodation: Luxurious Bungalow or Villas at the Private Island Beach Resort. 500 kms. 45 minutes by air.

The ocean bed off the reefs surrounding Denis Island plunges 2000m, offering a fantastic habitat for snorkelling. Two centuries ago, the island was claimed in the name of the King of France by Denis de Trobiand, whose “Possession” is supposed to be buried on the island.

Taj Denis Island Resort: Accommodation: Deluxe Cottages. 96 kms from Mahe. By air

Desroches and D’Arros (Amirantes Islands)
Named for Admiral Vasco da Gama, the “Ilhas do Almirante” (Admiral Islands) were
discovered in 1502 on a voyage to find alternative routes to the Spice Islands.
Desroches Island Lodge: Accommodation in Junior Suite
D’Arros: Exclusive, secluded retreat, only for a few very fortunate guests a year.
340 kms from Mahe, spread over a distance of 150 km

Named in 1744 after the nesting frigate birds, Fregate is the most easterly, isolated of the granitic islands. It is a walker’s paradise with wooded trails through cashew thickets, bamboo glades, citrus, avocado plantations and bird watching with nearly 50 interesting species.

Fregate Island Private Resort *****: Luxury Villas. 34 kms from Mahe

The most northerly in the Seychelles archipelago, Bird, originally called Ile aux Vaches Marines, the now extinct dugongs sea cows, is now home to 1,500,000 Sooty Terns which breed here each year and to the Fairy and Noddy Terns, Cardinals, Ground Doves, Mynahs, Crested Terns and Plovers.
Truly a Conservationist’s Paradise ! The giant land tortoise, Esmeralda, said to be between 150 and 200 years old, has a shell of more than 1.8m in length and is the island’s star attraction.

Bird Island Lodge: Accommodation: Bungalows. 96kms from Mahe

The third largest island in the archipelago. Wild and primitive forests: Silhouette was thought to be the home of Hodoul, one of the Indian Ocean’s most notorious pirates, and, some believe his treasure is still buried here.

Accommodation: Beach Bungalows. 20 kms from Mahe

Cousine, a fascinating islet, is owned by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation (RSNC) and administered by the International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP). Restricted visiting time.
Among the species to spot are the Seychelles Fody, the Seychelles Turtle Dove, the White- faced Tropic bird, the Wedge-tailed Shearwater, the beautiful Fairy Tern, noddies, Bridled Terns and the Seychelles Brush Warbler. Nearby Cousine (25 hectares) is also a private nature reserve and home to five of the Seychelles endemic birds and a nesting haven for a variety of seabirds and hawksbill turtle.

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