With Peponi Divers, discover more than 25 dive sites

The Dive sites with a * are within the Mombasa Marine Park! An entry fee of US$ 10 per day/diver will be charged from the Kenya Wild Life Service

Peponi Dive Sites – Shanzu Reef
Coral Garden *: 7 Meter, for beginners and advanced. The dives site where we take our Peponi Fun Divers. All coral

Lobster Bank *: 12-27 Meter, for all levels. The dive site to see lobsters.

Brain Coral *: 10-24 Meter, all levels, Napoleon, Turtle, Moray and wonderful corals.

Training spot*: 8-25 Meter, all levels, the dive site has a big sandy area ideal for teaching new divers. All coral fish.

Green Turtle*: 12-25 Meter, all levels, Turtles, Napoleon, Sting Ray, big grouper and sometime shark.

Shark Point: 12-25 Meter, all levels, The Shark site. Very often seen: the White Dip Reef Shark. Napoleon, Electric Ray, Grouper and Scorpion Fish.

Mtwapa Creek*: 14-28 Meter, for experienced divers. Strong currents. Small drop off to 28 meters. Many Groupers.

Mushroom*: 7-26 meter, for all level, huge coral block looking like a Mushroom; many Snapper, Crocodile Fish and Scorpion Fish.

White Sands*: 10-22 meter, for all level, big schools of Red Snappers.

Peponi Dive Sites – Kilindini

The Wall: 6-35 meter, for advanced only, nice drop off from 15 to 30 meter, after a few minutes dive time you pass by at a huge anchor lying at about 28 meter. At the end of the dive you stay at a depth of 8 to 12 meter and there are big fields of Anemones.

The Wreck: 7-10 Meter, for advanced divers, “Globe Star” is a old cargo ship which sunk in 1972. Many Scorpion Fish, Bat Fish and sometimes a big Grouper comes for its hunting.
Christmas Reef: (discovered on the 24.12.2003 by Peponi Divers).
20-35 Meter, meter, only for experienced advanced divers, free descent to 22 meter, the reef is at some places only 2 meter wide, a platform in the shape of a shoe. Schools of Barracudas, Groupers and sometimes Sharks.

Lucky Chance: 5-18 Meter, all levels, small drop off to 18 meter with a sandy sloop to 30 meter, Turtle, nice sponge, and many small Schools of different Fish.
Shelley Corner: 10-20 Meter, all level, easy diving at a different reef, Shelly Beach, a private beach at Mombasa South Coast.
Just opposite the Mombasa harbour, many hard corals and lots of colourful fish, turtles, snails.

Peponi Dive Sites – Nyali Reef

Nyali Reef*: 10-22 Meter, for all level.
Easy to dive with lots of corals and smaller fish, good chance to see a Whale Shark passing. A small “Wreck” a old harbour buoy is lying at 20 meter. After about 20 minutes diving there is a 180° U-Turn. Ideal for the PADI Underwater Navigation speciality.

Peponi Reef*: 14-28 Meter, for all levels. A second reef off the main reef. The reef starts at 28 meter and climbs up to 14 meter. Good chance to see a Whale Shark.

Bahari Reef*: 8-25 Meter, for all levels. On top of the reef, an engine block, left over from a wreck. All coral fish

Aquarium*: 4-5 Meter, all level, shallow dive for beginners and for students. Also the Peponi Fun Diver takes his first dive at Aquarium. Lots of small coral fish, sting ray and many star fish.

Angies Point*: 10 Meter, all level, sandy place ideal for students, often the dive site for training of Rescue Diver. In the sand lies a local fishing boat. Many small coral fish, lion fish and many small morays, octopus.

Peponi Dive Sites – Kikambala

Pinnacles: 18-35 Meter, advanced divers only, free descent to 18 meter, difficult to dive. small area with a wonderful scene, big grouper, leopard moray, grey shark, white dip reef shark and often during descent or ascent big school of barracuda. Very colourful sea fans.
Paradise: 10-25 Meter, for all level, good chance to see Manta and Eagle Ray.

White House: 8-22 Meter, all level, just next to PARADISE, nice scene with some cuts in the reef.

The 3 Sentinels: 15-28 Meter, for advanced divers, 3 hills within the dive, top at 14 meter, between the hills 25 meters, specially the second and the third hill have a spectacular scene, depending on the current the site can be dived from north to south or contrary.

Peponi Dive Sites – Mtwapa

Mtwapa Ruins: 8-22 Meter, for all divers, near Mtwapa Creek, the reef is interrupted with a 30 meter long sand bank, just “fly over”.

Mesa: 10-20 Meter, for all level, Mesa is Kiswahili and stands for table, on that table many fish and octopus. Groupers hunting.

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