–     In the Kenya Coast 500kms from Nairobi

–     0m to 5m

–     295km²

–     Plenty of choices

–     By Road Nairobi, Malindi, Tanzania; Moi International Airport

–     Fort Jesus, Kilindini Harbor – East Africa’s largest Port, Old Town, Mamba (Crocodile) Village, Hallar Park

Mombasa an old town is actually an Island and a colorful town with a picturesque blend of ancient and modern buildings. Fort Jesus, built in 1593 by the Portuguese to guard the entrance of the Old Dhow Harbor is the island’s landmark. Today, the fort serves as a historical museum. Mombasa Island is the capital center for the Kenyan Indian Ocean coastline and is the country’s 2nd largest city with a history stretching back nearly 2000 years. In its yester centuries, this city which is home to one of the largest ports in Africa was a trading center for Africa to the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Previously the Arabs, Portuguese and the British have all laid claim of Mombasa and it was in the various wars in exchange of these ownerships that Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It was a key slave trade center in East Africa. Today Mombasa Island, with its South and North coast’s segments is home to some of Africa’s best beach holiday locations. With its white clean sandy beaches stretching about 500 kilometers from the south to north, this coastline houses a large variety of accommodations ranging from 3 star hotels to 7 star exclusive spas and resorts. Water sports of all natures are the highlight of a holiday here, dhow trips, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, wind surfing – just to mention a few. The old town is one of the attractions of this very popular coastal part of Kenya; others are the Mamba Village, East Africa’s largest crocodile farm; Haller Park, the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa. Further north is Gedi Ruins, the Vasco Da Gama pillar and Lamu.

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