Olpejeta Conservancy

Olpejeta Conservancy

–     On the slopes of Mount Kenya 210kms from Nairobi, on the Equator Line

–     1827m to 2100m

–     445km²

–     Prepaid Tickets or Cash

–     Serena Sweetwaters Camp, Serena Olpejeta House,

–     By Road approx. 3.5 hours’ drive from Nairobi; Daily scheduled flights from Nairobi

–     Rhino Game Sanctuary, Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Equator Line, Morani Information Center

Also called Sweetwaters Game Reserve is a private ranch with magnificent views across the plains to the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kenya. This game sanctuary is the closest reserve to Nairobi home to all the big five game, and has the highest ratio of game-to-area of any park or reserve in Kenya. Its popular waterhole is floodlit by night, providing excellent and secluded rarely seen game viewing. Game viewing may also take the form of game walks accompanied by our Resident Naturalist, and game rides on horseback. Camel riding, night game drives and “bush” lunches or dinners are a delight. The Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Information Centre, are most informative and entertaining and should all be visited while in the Game Reserve. Located on the reserve is one of several Jane Goodall Institute Sanctuaries maintained in East Africa. Kept here are a group of chimpanzees originally housed at the JGI sanctuary in Bujumbura, Burundi. When the Burundi government became unstable in 1994, the chimpanzees were relocated here. The aim of the project, initiated by Lonrho East Africa, Kenya Wildlife Services and the Jane Goodall Institute, was to set up a colony where chimps could be introduced, rehabilitated and taught to fend for themselves in an area similar to their natural living conditions. Priority is given to orphaned and abused chimps. Seeing wildlife within the sanctuary, perched atop camels is a unique experience.  The camel safari lasts for one hour, and can be taken at any time, subject to availability, from 8am to 5pm.



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