– Safari in Kenya
– Safari in Tanzania

A Safari is a trip on land, usually in jungle or savanna environments, which is engaged in for the purpose of viewing and photographing animals. Most often, the modern safari involves viewing, photographing, and observing animals in their natural habitat.

Safari is a Swahili word, which originally derives from the Arabic word for travel, Safara. Most associate the idea of going on safari with Africa, but actually there are many safari destinations throughout the world. For example, one can take safari trips in India, Australia, Antarctica, Alaska, Brazil or Peru. Essentially any place where one can observe animals in their true habitats can be a safari destination.

Some safari trips are done mostly by motor transport. It may simply be too dangerous to be walking around lions, tigers, and bears, or other animals. It can also be dangerous to the animals to closely interact with humans. Watching animals from the security of a vehicle allows one to come more close to the animals with less danger

Other safari trips are walking trips, and armed guides usually lead them. They may take place on wildlife preserves.

Africa has the largest number of safari offerings; The most w

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