Tanzania’s southern and western safaris

Tanzania’s southern and western safaris

The lush green rivers of the Selous contrast with the rolling, ancient realms of Ruaha, again different from the floodplains of Katavi, or the deep and distant forests of Mahale.

There are many advantages to a safari in the South: Both Selous and Ruaha are fly-in destinations, so avoiding the need for the long drives that are necessary in the North.

Walks (and boat based river safaris, in Selous) are permitted, which breaks the monotony of game viewing by vehicle each day and allows you to feel even closer to the action…

The parks of the South are much less visited than the north and the South is a much easier destination for a short safari
Covering almost 50,000 square km, an area greater than the size of Switzerland, the Selous game reserve is one of the largest areas set aside for wildlife preservation anywhere in the world, although only the small northern portion is allocated for photographic tourism.

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