Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

–     In Northern Frontier District of Kenya 330kms from Nairobi

–     946meters

–     105km²

–     Prepaid Tickets or Cash

–     Samburu Intrepids, Elephant Bedroom, Ashnil Samburu Camp, Sopa Lodge, Joys Camp

–     By Road approx. 6 hours’ drive from Nairobi; Daily scheduled flights from Nairobi

–     Semi-arid conditions, the Special Five / endemic Northern species – Reticulated Giraffe, Gravy’s Zebra, Beisa Oryx, Blue Shanked Somali Ostrich and Gerenuk

Samburu National Reserve lies north of Nairobi, adjoining with Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve. The lifeline of these three sanctuaries is the palm fringed Uaso Nyiro River, attracts vast and varied herds of game, abundant bird life and crocodile infested waters. This reserve has excellent game spots for reticulate giraffe, the unusual Beisa Oryx with its lovely long straight horns, gleaming black and white coat impala, blue legged Somali ostrich, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelles, dik dik, duiker, olive baboons, gerenuks, lions, spotted and striped hyenas. The bird life is diverse and prolific and includes marshal eagle, pygmy falcons, hornbills and Egyptian geese. The vegetation comprises predominantly acacia woodland interspersed with bush, grass and scrubland, which is broken here and there by small rugged hills whilst the meandering loops of the river are bordered by a narrow gallery of riverine woodland in which acacia and doum palm flourish. The Samburu people are herders of Camels and Goats, and are often seen on the reserve boundaries bringing their animals to water. Closely related to the Maasai and speaking the same language it seems that when the Maasai migrated to the area from Sudan, some headed east and became the Samburu. Samburu is visited by large herds of Elephants, drawn by the promise of water. In the dry season, the elephants use their tusks to dig deep into the dry river beds, unearthing precious water. These waterholes then become a focal point for other game.


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