Travel Insurance


Peace of Mind while you Travel

Make peace of mind part of your travel plans with Travel Insurance.

When you’re planning your next trip, it is unlikely that travel insurance will be the first thing on your mind.  However, at some point in your travel plans, it is essential that you make travel insurance coverage needs while you are on your trip.

Why bother with Travel Insurance?

We hear this question all the time, and we always have the same answer:

“Because you never know what might happen to you while you’re traveling.”

Being in the business of insuring people when they travel, we have countless stories about travelers who have found themselves in situations, both locally and overseas, that could have resulted in severe financial losses had they not been covered by the benefits of the Travel Insurance.  We also have plenty of stories about people who choose not to insure themselves while traveling and ended up paying a very high price when things went wrong.

We know that it’s never easy to invest a little extra money in something that you may never need.  However, we also know, through experience, that you will be really glad you made that small investment when you find yourself in a situation that you need to use the comprehensive insurance cover offered by your Travel Insurance.

You don’t have to be involved in a major accident or suffer a robbery to incur significant financial losses while traveling.  When you’re traveling overseas, even a relatively minor incident or medical situation can end up costing you a small fortune.  Unless you have planned for such an event and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are covered financially, these small situations can become a huge financial headache.

That’s why our Travel Insurance is so essential. Our Travel Insurance provides the cover you need to rest easy on holiday.

Cover must be purchased and/or issued prior to your departure and cannot be cancelled once the insured journey has commenced.


Specifically designed to your travel needs.


Medical expenses (in-patient and out-patient)

Follow up treatment in the country of residence

Medical evacuation, repatriation, and transport to the medical center

Expenses for location and sending in a doctor in-situ and location unavailable medication

Return after medical treatment

Return of Accompanying children or traveling companion

Burial, cremation at the place of death or return of mortal remains

Additional coffin expenses

Visit by a family member of you are hospitalized as an in-patient for more than five days.


24-hour death and permanent disability cover for injury (under the age of 65 years)


Loss of Deposits due to cancellation of journey resulting from:

the unexpected death, illness or injury of yourself, your spouse, your dependent children, the person overseas with whom you intended to stay, a relative or a business associate.

The non-availability of the person named in the policy receipt that was intended to take care of your dependent or disabled children, due to death, illness or injury within 30 days before the date of departure

Cancellation of your leave by your employer due to the non-availability of a colleague replacing you during your journey as a result of death, illness or injury within 30 days before the date of departure (including retrenchment)

Your obligatory presence in court

Important or considerable damage to real estate owned by you, caused within 30 days before the date of departure

Theft or complete immobilization of your private vehicle at the moment of departure or towards the point of departure due to a traffic accident, fire or as a result of a hi-jacking

Delay at the moment of embarkation resulting from immobilization of more than one hour due to a traffic accident or circumstances beyond one’s control (“Act of God”) during the trip towards the place of embarkation or arrival


Accidental loss of, theft or damage to your accompanied baggage and personal effects.

The non-recoverable cost of replacing travel documents, credit cards, and traveler’s cheques.

Assistance in the advancement of funds should cash, bank currency notes, postal or money orders or other negotiable instruments be damaged, lost or stolen.

Legal liability arising out of the unauthorized use of travel documents, credit cards or traveler’s cheques as a result of fraud.


The reimbursement of essential expenses incurred as a result of the carrier delaying, misdirecting or temporarily misplacing your baggage; or due to the carrier’s financial inability to continue a journey either permanently or temporarily


Accidental injury to another person

Accidental loss of or damage to another’s property


Your premature return in the event of death, illness or injury of a parent, child or business associate.

Legal assistance aboard.

Hi-jack of the public conveyance in which you are traveling.


24-house medical emergency and assistance telephone line operated by international SOS.

Cash advances.

Consular referrals.

Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements.

Transmission of urgent messages.

Please note that the description of cover is provided for marketing purposes only and is subject to the full terms, conditions, exclusions, and endorsements of the policy.